Stone Industry


The stone market is constantly changing really depending on the housing market.  The industry AER Control Systems serves are the stone shops that manufacture the stone countertops for homes.  The process is either cutting or polishing of the tops of the countertops producing very fine stone dust which has silica and is very hazardous to breath.  OSHA has declared that silica is a hazardous contaminant and exposure should be minimized.  In order to do that AER Control Systems has several units that will filter out the silica and stone dust, the unit that has been very popular is the Power Booth Module or PBM unit.  The best solution is to create a booth to contain the stone dust that becomes airborne, once contained the PBM dust collector will draw the stone dust into the unit and filter it.  These unit are designed to move large amount of airflow.  One unit for a small booth and multiple units for larger booths.

Another common process working with the stone countertops is cutting out the holes for the sinks and working the edges of the countertops.  A popular unit for this is the AER Control Systems SPC-2500 with two of the 6” by 10 foot extraction arms to capture the dust close to the source of the creation of the dust.  The hoods on the arms can be positioned anywhere so the dust can be pulled into the SPC dust collector and filtered.

  • PBM — Grinding and Polishing of stone products containing silica
  • SPC — Stone dust from sink edges and cutouts