Portable Fume Collector

AER Portable Fume Collector Series can house a Cartridge, Fiberglass, HEPA, or Carbon filters for dust, fume, smoke, and odor/vapor.

AER Control Systems AER Portable Fume Collectors (PFC) are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control dust, fume, smoke and odor contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Typically used for control of moderate concentrations of dry contaminants, the PFC series can be used on a variety of processes that generate dust, fume, smoke or odor. The PFC series unit is designed for a low cost alternative using filters that are designed to be thrown away rather then cleaned with a built in cleaning system. The cartridge unit can be cleaned via a industrial shop vacuum rather then disposing the filter. The Portable Fume Collector will help with compliance to local OSHA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone and reduce emissions to an acceptable level.

The PFC Series Collector comes standard with a first stage of metal mesh filter and second stage is either an 164 square feet of 80/20 polyester blend cartridge or a washable spun bond cartridge of 90 square feet of filter area with an efficiency rating of 99% at 0.5 microns. Also standard is a single phase 1 HP TEFC motor with non-overloading direct drive blower, tool-less filter access door. Other filters can be used instead of the cartridge such as a fiberglass/ HEPA combination or a HEPA/ Carbon combination depending on the type of contaminant.

If smoke is present an additional 99.97% at 0.3 micron HEPA cabinet can be added.

Portable Fume Collector – Nominal CFM 1000, Motor HP 1.0, Size WxDxH – 27″ x 24″ x 49″ less the 6″ x 7 arm

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