Metal Fabrication


Metal Fabrication can include many different operations working with all types of metals.  From grinding and buffing to welding and finally machining using oil or coolant mist.

For the deburring, grinding and buffing it is important to know what the material or metal you are working with, if it falls into the flammable metals such as aluminum, titanium, and magnesium the metal dusts are very flammable and can be very explosive inside a dust collector.  One alternative solution to capturing these flammable metal dusts from deburring, grinding, and buffing is to use the AER Control Systems Combustor Series Wet Dust Collectors.

If the material or metal is not flammable or explosive such as steel parts, a great solution would be the AER Control Systems AER Powered Bench Downdraft Table or APB series.  If the parts are too large for placing on top of the downdraft table then the AER Control Systems Power Booth Module or PBM series is an excellent choice.  By using the PBM and a booth the dust that is created from working on the larger parts will be easily collected and filtered by the PBM Dust Collector.

The welding of metal parts includes many different material such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel for example.  Each of the fumes for these metals produce a different hazard.  For steel it is simply iron oxide fume, this fume could be dry or it could be oily, filtering of the oily fume is accomplished differently from the dry, for aluminum, the fume is very fine or small and filtering this fume has to be addressed.  For stainless steel welding the fume that is produced has Hexavalent Chromium and OSHA has stated that Hexavalent Chromium is very hazardous to breath, special control and filtering methods need to be addressed.

AER Control Systems has several fume collectors that can be used for collecting and filtering all of these different types of weld fumes.  If a Portable Weld Fume collector is the answer then the Small Portable Cartridge or SPC series is the answer.  If more of a central system is desired and you don’t have a great deal of floor space then a hanging weld fume collector such as the Horizontal Cartridge Filter or HCF series is the best choice.  For both the SPC and HCF you can mount extraction arms directly to these collectors for collecting the weld fume.  If a floor mounted collector is desired then the Vertical Cartridge Filter or VCF series is the best collector.  This unit comes in multiple sizes and can handle many types of collection devices such as extraction arms or hoods, it is set up to be a central dust collector.

Machining of metal parts can generate mist from either water soluble or oil coolant.  These machines are in many different sizes and types, because of this AER Control Systems has small machine mounted mist collectors such as the CM, VMW-10 and even the SM-12 to a larger VMW, Fine Fiber and MOD Fiber Mist Collector.

  • The Combustor — Grinding and Buffing of Flammable Metals, aluminum, titanium
  • APB Downdraft — Grinding and Buffing of non-flammable dust such as steel
  • PBM — Grinding and polishing of large parts
  • SPC — welding of small parts
  • VCF & HCF — welding of larger parts
  • Mist & Smoke Collectors — CNC Wet Machining