Powered Booth Module (PBM Series)

The PBM Dust Collector is designed to be used as an ambient dust collector or for a more efficient control and capture of the dust inside a booth.  As the size of your booth increases, the number of PBM units increases to maintain a high cross sectional air velocity inside the booth to prevent the operator from breathing the airborne dust.  Options for the inlet of the PBM unit consist of hinged side wing doors, metal mesh for sparks, or louvers.  When the side wing doors are hinged at an angle, the dust capture efficiency improves creating a funnel of air drawing the airborne dust into the unit more effectively.

  • Basic PBM units include either four or six pleated cartridge filters rated at 99% efficient
  • Reliable, efficient electric motor controlled and protected by a manually operated adjustable fused disconnect switch
  • Servicing the PBM is easily possible with the filter or Magnehelic gauge
  • Less maintenance on the PBM is due to the great amount of filter surface area
  • Manufactured using 11 and 14 gauge steel and painted with a heavy industrial powder coated textured finish for harsh environments
  • Flexible and multiple uses for the PBM is achieved by offering a variety of air inlet choices
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy savings provide a rapid return of initial investment
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements

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