Grinding & Deburring

Grinding and buffing can create contaminants that should not go unfiltered. AER Control Systems can help with that.

  • AER Control Systems has a variety of filtration units and media that are able to mitigate levels of dry and wet contaminants that may be produced by grinding materials or buffing.
  • The ability to filter away those contaminants is crucial in keeping your workers safe and healthy.
  • Filtration units will help meet OSHA standards, and may help to reduce emissions to an acceptable level.

Welding Health Dangers

Grinding and deburring of metals and other materials release hazardous fumes that enter the breathing zone and pose a serious health risk when handled improperly.  Two of the main risks include:

  1. Inhaling Hazardous Fumes or Gases:
    • Eye, Nose, Throat Irritation
    • Nervous System Damage
    • Lung, Larynx or Throat Damage
    • Cancers
  2. Fires/Explosions:
    Certain metals, under certain conditions, become flammable and pose a very serious danger to workers and work environments.  Grinding and deburring of such materials requires particular caution.

Precautions & Solutions

  • Implement proper safety precautions for your workspace to minimize your worker’s risk potential.
  • Utilize a high velocity ventilation hood or table as close as possible to the source of particle generation.
  • Wear protective overgarments to protect workers from harmful chemicals and dust reaching their skin.
  • Use respiratory equipment when appropriate.

Units for Grinding & Deburring

Our products are engineered to help your people do their job better, thanks to constant innovation and technological improvements. Working in a cleaner environment means a more effective and efficient workforce.


As a result of grinding, dust and other dry contaminants may be the result of that work. Our filters can take care of low to heavy concentrations of dry contaminants easily, and help to keep your workplace safe, clean, and efficient.

Filtration Units


Dry buffing can also create contaminants that should be filtered away and mitigated in order to keep your workplace safe. Filtration units can self-clean, manually or automatically.  The downdraft tables are designed to stand or sit at the table top.

Filtration Units

Special Units

AER Control Systems also has several choices for specialty units that can also take care of highly dangerous metal dusts such as aluminum, titanium, or magnesium metals. The Combustor Wet collectors can filter flammable metal dust that may be produced through grinding and buffing with safety and efficiency in mind. The Combustor Wet table is designed for handicap standards with ample room for your knees.

Filtration Units