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AER Pods are designed for ambient filtration
for dust, fume, smoke, and odor capture.

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AER Hazdust Wet Downdraft Tables

AER HazDust


Efficient and cost-effective control
of moderate to heavy concentrations
of metal dust contaminants.

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Industrial Filtration Units

Industrial filtration units and media

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Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables and Booths

A wide variety of units to keep your
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Industrial and Commercial Air Filtration Solutions

weld fumes

Oil Smoke & Weld Fumes

Applications that cut down on smoke and weld fumes produced by welding and metalwork

oil and water soluble coolant

Mist Applications

Applications used for collecting oil and water soluble coolant mist produced by machinery and processes

grinding and buffing

Grinding & Buffing

AER Control applications for grinding and buffing equipment, common solutions include Downdraft Tables

odor vapor

Odor Vapor & Fumes

Applications used for collecting and mitigating odors & fumes produced by machinery, spray paint cans, and solvent

dust particles

Dust Applications

AER Applications for collecting dust particles produced by machinery and other dust producing materials

flammable metals

Flammable Metals

Applications that help to keep your workforce safe when dealing with flammable metals such as aluminum, titanium, or magnesium

Welcome to AER Control Systems

We design, manufacture, and distribute industrial air filtration and ventilation systems to protect your health, equipment, and workplace. Our product line has air cleaners and filtration units for various industrial applications, from welding and metalwork, CNC machining, to flammable metallurgy.

Each unit promises unsurpassed performance and efficiency that can meet the air cleaning and dust filtration demands of the moment. Our air filtration technology has been engineered to rapidly clean your work environment, improve the longevity of your equipment, and protect your employees from industrial particulates and emissions.

AER Control Systems’ cutting-edge air filtration technology promises to clean the worker’s breathing environment as production goes on. By mitigating workplace exposure and preventing equipment failure, our filtration systems help reduce the costs of production and maintenance.

We also customize filtration equipment for critical applications and industries that have higher demands on air purity and occupational safety. Such work environments include pharmaceuticals and food processing facilities, where maintaining a sterile environment is imperative.

AER Control Systems is one of the most reputable air filtration equipment manufacturers in the country. Discover our solutions today.

We design, manufacture, and distribute industrial air filtration units to protect your equipment, health, and workplace. Request a quote.

Solutions for Clean Industrial Environments

Technological advancements in materials processing have been accompanied by a new set of health hazards from exposure to toxic fumes and particulates. As machines become faster and more efficient, the quicker and more thorough removal of fumes, mist, odors, and dust must follow suit. Know more about AER Control Systems industrial air cleaning solutions.

AER Control Systems’ product line features air cleaning and media filtration technologies for various commercial applications. Each industrial job comes with various health risks that are inherent to the processing of metals, thermoplastics, or flammable materials. To improve working and breathing environments, as well as increase operational efficiency, we have engineered air quality systems that fit the demands, standards, and specifications of various industries.

Metal Working – we have aligned our filtration technologies with the demands of metal fabrication and removal, woodworking, and electrical discharge processes.

Automotive – customization and small-batch parts production in the automotive industry require specific filtration units to mitigate exposure to fumes and particulates. We have developed commercial air filtration systems that can control low to heavy levels of contaminants and smoke.

Aerospace & Defense – the complex and rigorous research, testing, and manufacturing in the aerospace and defense sectors require cutting-edge air filtration technology.

Pharmaceuticals & Electronics – we equip the pharmaceuticals and electronics industries with air filtration solutions, with a strong focus on the safety of workers across the supply chain all the way to end consumers.

Food & Beverage – with an emphasis on hygiene, our air filtration systems for food and beverage processes can significantly mitigate risks of contamination and meet the growing demands for quality and sanitation.