Industries Served


Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication can include many different operations working with all types of metals.  From grinding and buffing to welding and finally machining using oil or coolant mist.



The manufacturing of automotive parts can include machining of metal parts either wet or dry machining. The types of machining would include metal cutting, grinding, milling, broaching, boring, honing and polishing.


Aerospace & Defense

The manufacturing of aircraft parts mostly likely starts with the machining of parts using a CNC machine generating mist and smoke from coolant. The airborne mist can become a breathing hazard in a manufacturing shop.


Medical & Pharmaceuticals

In the Pharmaceutical Industry many types of solvents are used during Solvent Extraction Process producing VOCs. The AER Control Systems Portable Fume Collector or PFC Series, the Portable Fume Booth, or if a larger system is required then the HM Series is an excellent choice.



Manufacturing in the electronics industries can include many processes, a few of them are the emissions of several VOCs in the production of printed circuit boards.


Glass Manufacturing

Manufacturing of glass parts consist of both wet and dry grinding and polishing, glass has silica particulate which is extremely hazardous.


Plastic Manufacturing

Common parts made from Polyethylene can produce Butane fume, Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC produces Hydrogen Chloride, Polypropylene material will produce a very hazardous Formaldehyde, acrolein, and acetone.


Stone Industry

The stone market is constantly changing really depending on the housing market.  The industry AER Control Systems serves are the stone shops that manufacture the stone countertops for homes.


Job Shops

Job shops are set up to handle many different processes and they do want to have clean shops, but sometimes the cost isn’t there to purchase either a dust or mist collector. We offer several low cost dust collectors.