Job Shops


Job shops are set up to handle many different processes and they do want to have clean shops, but sometimes the cost isn’t there to purchase either a dust or mist collector.  AER Control Systems has the answers, we offer several low cost dust collectors.  One of which is a compact manual bag shaker dust collector called our Dust Cab 800, it is perfect for the pedestal grinders.  If you want a better filter cleaning dust collector you can step up to the VSCF-800 as sometimes you might generate large volumes of dust, the VSCF-800 is the answer.

If you are welding small parts and need a weld fume dust collector that is portable so you can move it around your shop then the SPC-1000 is the answer.  This unit has an extraction arm allowing you to place the hood where the weld fume is generated.

An option for the SPC Series are a few different downdraft table sizes, downdraft tables are great for deburring and grinding of metal parts.  It is important that the metal dust is not aluminum, titanium, or magnesium metal, at these dust are very flammable and explosive inside a dust collector.  AER Control Systems has a solution for this which is the AER Control Systems Combustor Wet Dust Collector, available as a downdraft table or if you need to attach ductwork to hoods for source capture applications.

For job shops that are wet machining generating mist you have a couple of options, a very compact low cost mist collector is the AER Control Systems Centrifugal Mist Collector (CM Series).  The CM unit can easily be mounted to the top of your machining center and hose would connect to a collar on the enclosure of the machining center to pull the mist out of the enclosure instead of through the cracks of the machining enclosure, chip conveyor opening and the machining center’s access doors.

For a more reliable less maintenance mist collector consider the AER Control Systems VMW-10 series Mist Collector.  The VMW-10 had a stage filter system, two of the pre-filters are washable the main filter is thrown away when it becomes dirty.  A filter change out gauge will indicate when the filters need to be cleaned or changed.

Many shops have the need to filter the fumes from paint cans, AER Control System has the answer, it is the Portable Fume Booth.  This unit will remove the odor from the paint and can remove the odor if you are working with solvent while cleaning parts.  Another common application for the Portable Fume Booth is spraying off parts that have coolant and you want to capture the mist that is created from the compressed air as you blow off the parts.  By changing the filters inside the Portable Fume Booth the mist can be captured and drained away.

If you have a shop and you create a wide variety of dusts, mist, and odor and you really can’t run ductwork through out your shop to hoods, but still want to clean the air then the AER Pod is the answer.  The AER Pod has filters on four sides of a cube, the filters can vary depending on what you are filtering, the smaller unit can be portable, the taller unit is not.  The AER Pod comes with multiple airflows depending on how many filters, from 4 to as many as 12 filters can be used.  This is unit designed to be an ambient collector to filter the ambient contaminant.