Dust Cab 1500

The Dust Cab 1500 is designed to be used for low volumes of dust, the filters are cleaned by using a foot pedal which shakes the filters and causes the dust to fall into a dust drawer.

  • Direct drive forward curved blower with a 3HP TEFC motor delivering 1500 CFM at 3 inches
  • external static pressure
  • Low noise level at 74 dbA
  • Manual foot shaker to manually clean the filter bags
  • 3″ deep pull out dust drawer
  • Standard 8-inch inlet collar which is mounted on the rear of the unit
  • Bubble gasket seal on blower and filter access doors
  • 24 envelope pocket, flame retardant cotton sateen filters
  • Total filter area is 180 square feet
  • Built-in sound attenuator
  • 16 ga metal construction with a heavy duty textured powder coat finish

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