AER Powered Downdraft Bench

Downdraft Tables, Self Cleaning Cartridge Filters

A very cost effective solution in capturing dust, smoke, fume and gas/vapor contaminants from welding, grinding, sanding, buffing, light plasma, and de-burring operations. The AER Powered Bench (APB Series) will comply with local codes such as OSHA by drawing the contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone at over 250-feet-per-minute tabletop velocity, the highest in the industry. The APB will meet your demands for clean air quality in your shop using its built-in cost-effective filter self-cleaning system. Due to its large amount of filter area, the benefits are longer filter life and less maintenance.

  • Flame-retardant, 99% cartridge filter efficiency at 0.5 microns
  • Optional flame retardant 99.999% filter efficiency at 0.5 microns using NANO filter technology
  • For sticky or moist dust, optional washable spun bond filter cartridges are available
  • Low cost manual push-button air pulse filter cleaning is standard
  • Optional automatic timer or on-demand controlled filter cleaning
  • Mini-helic filter guage indicates when to clean filters
  • High tabletop suction velocity, 250 to 300 feet per minute, depending on motor horsepower
  • Back and Hinged side panels are standard to control contaminant capture, or an optional enclosed booth table top with backdraft airflow
  • Optional spark arrestors offered, metal mesh, water or sand trays
  • Heavy-duty galvanized removable grating tabletop can handle a minimum of 75 lbs. per square-foot part loads
  • Entire table manufactured out of 11- and 14-gauge heavy-duty construction for longer durability and life
  • Several non-marring or bar grating surface options are available to accommodate various parts and applications
  • High-capacity dust storage drawers, quick and easy drawer removal for reduced maintenance
  • Direct drive backward inclined airfoil blower allows for less filter maintenance by producing a prolonged tabletop suction velocity
  • Optional add-on filters are available for smoke, (HEPA) and odor (Carbon)
  • Optional Welding Table designed to handle the sparks and meet OSHA’s Hexavalent Chromium standard
  • If multiple APBs are required, the modular design allows for side-to-side or back-to-back assembly, depending on customer’s work flow and shop size
  • Casters are available for most table sizes.

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Unit Nominal CFM Tabletop Size Filter Area Motor HP Size (W x D x H)
APB4250250042" x 50"480350.4" x 43" x 62"
APB4276400042" x 76"960576.75" x 43" x 62"
APB48102505048" x 102"14407.5103" x 48" x 62"