Vertical Media Filtration, VMW Series

  • Filters mist, dust, smoke, fume, gas, and vapor
  • Built and sold primarily as Mist Collectors
  • Three stages of filtration with optional 4th stage HEPA
  • Sizes ranging from 500cfm through 18000cfm
  • Aerospace gasket for optimum sealing
  • Gauge for quick reference of filter loading for ease of maintenance

The vertical media collector is a modular filtration unit, typically used to filter mist, dust, smoke, fume, gas, and vapor. Several sizes are available with airflows ranging from 500cfm and higher.

VMW, Large VMW Series

The larger VMW Series comes in five versions, basically it is the number of filter modules or stacks of filters.  The VMW-3000 has one stack of filters, the VMW-6000 has two stacks of filters, the VMW-9000 has three stacks of filters, these three models have the filter stacks side by side.  Then we go into the VMW-12,000 which has two stacks in the front and two stacks behind for a total of four stacks of filters.  The VMW-18,000 has three stacks in the front and three behind for a total of six stacks of filters.  The more stacks of filters the more filter area and the higher amount of airflow or CFM the unit can handle.

The types of filters in these stacks can vary depending on the application, standard is for coolant mist, add a HEPA for oily smoke, add an extra pre-filter cabinet for high loading of mist, and activated carbon for any odors.

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