Manufacturing in the electronics industries can include many processes, a few of them are the emissions of several VOCs in the production of printed circuit boards.  Some of the VOCs can include many types of acids, chlorine, ammonia, and several organic solvent vapors.  The ideal unit would be the AER Control Systems Portable Fume Collector (PFC Series) or the Portable Fume Booth as both of these units include activated carbon to remove the odors from the VOCs.

During the manufacturing of printed wiring assemblies, emissions can include VOCs from solvents and the fumes from the soldering process.  For the VOCs, the above two products are good choices, but also our HM series is an excellent choice for more of a central system which can be ducted to multiple stations.  The fumes from soldering can be filtered using our HM series collector or Portable Fume Booth incorporating a HEPA filter.