Cyclone Dust Collectors CYC Series

The CYC Cyclone Separators are among the most efficient and cost-effective dust collectors available. CYC Cyclones are offered in capacities from 800 CFM to 13,000 CFM and efficiently remove moderate- to large-sized particles from the airstream. Fans are self-cleaning, material-handling, radial blades designed to deliver peak airflow while the low horsepower conserves energy.

The centrifugal action of the Cyclone, created by rapid rotation of the high-velocity air stream, forcibly precipitates the dust out through the bottom of the Cyclone and into a collection drum or hopper for the specific application. Standard dust storage capacities vary from 7.5 cu. feet to 40 cu. feet, with special hopper configurations available. All models can be housed indoors or outdoors.

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