VCF-2, Two Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector

The VCF-2 is a fume or dust collector which has two vertical flame retardant cartridges and are cleaned using reverse air pulse using a auto timer or an optional on-demand cleaning control.  The VCF-2 has four inlet locations, two on each side of the unit.  The VCF-2 is the second in a family of four models, see the VCF-1 for a smaller version.

Nominal 1500CFM, 2 vertical cartridges Dust Collector

  • Filters out dry dust and fume
  • HEPA like cartridges provide 548 square feet of filter that can achieve 99.97% efficiency
  • Optional washable spun bond or NANO fiber cartridge filters
  • Optinal HEPA after filter
  • Unique self-cleaning pulse jet systems
  • Automatic timer controlled air pulse cleaning, resulting in low filter maintenance
  • Filter pressure gauge indicates when to change filters
  • Low noise level below 70 dBA
  • Small footprint of 36.75 inches by 24.5 inches compared to the competition
  • Overall height, including a dust drawer, is 84 inches
  • Standard is a removable dust drawer, option is a hopper with an adjustable stand for a 5, 30 or 55 gallon pail or drum
  • Constructed with heavy 14-gauge metal, assuring extensive durability
  • Heavy textured powder coat paint finish for durability
  • The distinct clamping mechanism allows for a simple tool-less filter change
  • Non-overloading direct drive blower, powered by a 3 HP motor delivers 1500CFM
  • Four options for inlet locations, utilizing plenum boxes eliminate 90-degree elbows and simplifies ductwork installation

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