Medical & Pharmaceuticals

In the Pharmaceutical Industry many types of solvents are used during Solvent Extraction Process producing VOCs.  The AER Control Systems Portable Fume Collector or PFC Series, the Portable Fume Booth, or if a larger system is required then the HM Series is an excellent choice.

On open Tablet Coating Machines can produce VOCs or solvents into the air and the PFC, Portable Fume Booth, or HM series unit are good choices for capturing and filtering the hazardous VOCs.

During the process of many pharmaceutical drugs and pills, dust can be created during the mixing, weighing or packaging of the powders, these types of dust can become airborne.  The AER Control Systems many dust collectors, SPC or VCF series, can capture and collect these dusts.

On the Medical Machining side the machining of materials such as titanium, Inconel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and some plastics such as Vespel and Ultem are machined using oil coolant on Milling, Turning and Swiss Lathes.  Many of the AER Control Systems Mist Collectors (CM, VMW, and Fiber Bed Series) are great choices for capturing atomized high pressure coolant mist.

Sometimes these parts have to be deburred, this is where the HazDust Series and the APB Downdraft tables can come into play and capture either the flammable metal dust or non-flammable dusts.

  • HazDust — Deburring, Grinding and Buffing of Flammable Metals, aluminum, titanium
  • APB Downdraft — Deburring, Grinding and Buffing of non-flammable dust such as stainless steel, Inconel, brass, plastics
  • SPC — dust collection or welding of small parts
  • VCF & HCF — dust collection or welding of larger parts
  • PBM — Grinding and polishing of large parts
  • Mist and Smoke Collectors — CNC Wet Machining
  • PFC & Portable Fume Booth — Odor and vapor
  • HM Series — Odor and Vapor
  • SPCH — Welding of Stainless Steel parts producing Hexavalent Chromium