Which Dust Collector Cartridge Do I Choose? (Pt. 2)

Why is filter cleaning better on a NANO Fiber?

The 80/20 media because of its less efficiency is a depth loading media, meaning that the dust particles become embedded into the pore of the media and over time air pulse filter cleaning will have a difficult time removing that dust particle, eventually the filter will have to be replaced.  The NANO Fiber media however because of the very small diameter fibers keeps the dust particles on the surface of the media.  When air pulse the NANO Fiber, the dust comes right off easily.  You also have a savings on compressed air usage since you don’t have to air pulse clean the NANO Fiber as much.

How does the NANO Fiber improve the pressure drop across the filter?

It is really the same reasoning as above since the dust sits on the surface of the media and does not become embedded than the pressure drop is less.

How does the NANO Fiber extend filter life?

Since the dust sits on the surface of the NANO Fiber it air pulses or cleans the filter easier and not as often because the dust comes off compared to being embedded in the media.  The media becomes weaker the more the filter has to be air pulsed and life is shortened on the 80/20.  The NANO Fiber will save you money on maintenance time and cost.

The bottom line, the NANO Fiber is more efficient (less dust going into the air or shop), air pulse cleans easier with less headaches (lower compressed air cost and energy savings), and longer filter life (less filter maintenance time and longer overall cost).  If interested in the NANO Fiber cartridge for you dust collector please contact AER Filter Sales.

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