AER Powered Bench or APB Downdraft Tables

The AER APB downdraft table is a very popular unit, it is a self-contained cartridge filter dust collector with its own blower, all mounted under the downdraft table.  The APB comes in several size table tops, 42”x 50” (APB4250), 42” x76” (APB4276), and 48” x 102” (APB48102).  Each size table has either two,  four, or six cartridge filters going from small to large.  Each model has two choices for a very strong motor blower per model depending on the application. The downdraft table velocity is easily 250 feet per minute or higher depending on the tabletop size.  The very high velocity is important for drawing the dust down into the table.  The APB comes standard with a manual push button air pulse cartridge filter cleaning system, dust drawers under the cartridge filters, a filter pressure drop gauge and a manual motor starter make the APB unit a drop in place ready to go.  The APB is very adaptable, the filter cabinets and blower cAPB6076-Front-view-with-2000-lb-Lazy-Susan-modified-crop-300x217abinet under the table are modular which means that if you want the blower to discharge out one side or the other you can, although the standard is to discharge out of the back.  AER has built these tables with a larger tabletop overhang than standard, which is 6”, we have gone to 12”.  Sitting on the tabletop is a back and side hinged side shield (nice feature for longer parts), but sometimes we are asked to remove the back and hinged sides for what we call a flat top.  Flat tops are beneficial if your operator wants to walk around the table to work on the part.  AER has also added an enclosure that sits on the table top to enclose the part and contain the dust while it is being worked on.  The enclosure could also have a backdraft which draws the dust to the rear of the enclosure.  If your process generates spark we can include a spark arrester, or water and sand pans to protect the filters.  The standard cartridge filters are flame retardant 80/20 blend; if you need more efficient filters we have our NANO fiber available.  If your process needs an extra back up filter to protect against Hexavalent Chromium Fume or silica for example we can offer a HEPA after filter.  If you want to roll around the APB we can add casters for portability.  One of the very special designs that AER did was to mount a lazy susan to hold a 2000 lb part in the center of the table.

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