AER Twin Draft Product

The AER Control Systems Twin Draft Product was developed from a request for a new local technical trade school looking for welding benches.  In order to keep the costs down these benches would use filters that are thrown away rather than cleaned.  Three different sizes were developed, a 3, 4, and 6 foot wide table top.  The Twin Draft has a full enclosure mounted on top of the tables and the table has a downdraft suction down into the table top as well as a back draft to draw the fume or dust to the rear of the enclosed top thus the name Twin Draft.  The filtration consisted of metal cabinets housing different filters that would be thrown away to keep the cost down because typically schools will not generate that much welding fume.  The standard filters would consist of a metal mesh for sparks followed by a 95% efficient fiberglass media inside a metal housed box.  On top of the filters are options for either a 1.5 or 3 HP blower motor to create a very strong downdraft and back draft suction to pull the contaminants away from the operator.  The benefits of using the Twin Draft is because of the table top enclosure, the enclosure contains the welding fume from escaping throughout the welding shop, once the fume is contained the air suction pulls the fume away from the welders breathing area protecting the welder from harmful contaminants that could get into their lungs.

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