AER Control Systems Power Booth Module (PBM Series)

This blog is a continuation of a previous blog on the PBM-4 we manufacture for an OEM.  AER Control Systems also manufactures a larger 6 cartridge unit called the PBM-6; everything is the same as the PBM-4 except more filters, larger motor and blower to move more PBM-6-3-3-300x180airflow.  The PBM series is a very functional dust collector and has many uses, you can mount one of these units on the floor of your shop hook up the power and hook up the compressed air, turn it on and let it pull in the ambient dust floating around your shop and filter it.  The filters are self-cleaning by manually pushing a button which allows compressed air to blast the inside of the filter and dust falls off into dust drawers under the filters for disposal.  If you decide you want to improve on the capture efficiency and make it easier for the PBM unit to pull in the ambient dust then you can add hinged side panels.  The function of the side panels is to funnel the airPBM-Front-Booth-300x252 and dust into the large opening of the PBM unit.  If you want to improve the dust capture in your shop you have to contain the dust, the best way to contain the dust is to have an enclosure like a paint booth with side walls, a roof, and
in the back wall you would mount either one or several PBM units side by side depending on how large the booth is.  The general rule of thumb is one PBM-6 for a 10 foot width by 10 foot height.  The booths can be constructed of anything as long as the dust is contained; some of our customers have placed our units inside of existing rooms and made the room a booth or enclosure.  We have sold metal booths in various sizes with light fixtures for visibility.

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