AER Control Systems Portable Fume Booth

front-of-fume-booth-187x300Do you ever have the need to spray a small part with a paint spray can, blow off a part having solvents on it, and perhaps brush on a resin or glue that has a strong odor?  These are just some of the applications where the Portable Fume Booth is perfect for the job to get rid of the nasty odors that are associated with all of the above issues.  The Portable Fume Booth consists of a heavy duty table top with a back and hinged sides, a light above the table helps to visualize what you are working on.  The fumes and odor are drawn down into the table at 150 feet per minute air velocity, which is a very strong suction strength.  The first filter is a pre-filter called a polyester ring panel, a multilayer, multi dense polyester batting type material that removes any sticky, wet, large dust material protecting the MERV 14 (95% ASHRAE) filter above.  Whatever gets by the throwaway polyester ring panel ends up in the throwaway MERV 14 filter and is stopped.  The only particles going through this filter are the odors, which are then removed by the two 28 lb refillable activated carbon cells. There is a total of 56 lbs of carbon in the unit.  The final filter is another polyester ring panel, which is designed to stop any fine dust from the activated carbon that is being broken down into dust.  Above the filters is a very strong single phase 1 HP TEFC motor that is driving a non-sparking blower providing the suction power.  On the blower discharge are silencer stacks that prevent the discharge air from ever seeing the motor. The silencer stacks are used to keep the TEFC out of the airstream, just in case any of the discharge air is flammable.  The Portable Fume Booth comes standard with wheels, and casters for immovability, an on/off switch with power cord, and Magnehelic gauge to determine when the filters need to be changed.  When you receive this unit from AER Control Systems simply plug in the cord, turn on the switch, and away you go.

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