Fine Fiber & MOD Fiber Mist & Smoke Collectors

A few years ago AER Control Systems developed a high end mist and smoke collector designed for customers looking for longer filter life and less maintenance.  The AER Fine Fiber and MOD Fiber Mist and Smoke Collectors were created to meet this need.  The AER Fine Fiber is a low airflow unit and the MOD Fiber will handle higher airflows due to its modular approach.  Both of these series of unit consist of two stages of pleated fiber bed media filters, one set of filters is designed for mist while a higher efficiency set for smoke.  The longer filter life is obtained by using a depth loading media which essentially means a thicker filter forcing the mist and smoke to take longer to travel through.  The pleated fiber media consists of interwoven very fine fibers created into a thick media.  Higher efficiency is obtained by introducing a variety of more efficient media on the back end of the thicker media.

For one of AER Control Systems’ customer a longer filter life and less maintenance were obtained.  The application is on a CBN grinder using oil as a cutting fluid generating high pressure mist (very fine) and heavy smoke producing oil mist and smoke for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  A standard mist collector with 95% efficient fiberglass vee-bags with a HEPA after filter was initially used on this application.  The vee bag and HEPA filters only lasted 3 weeks.  A MOD 2 Fiber Smoke unit was installed in its place and the HEPA filter life went to a minimum of 3 months.

Another one of AER Control Systems’ customer decided on the MOD 3 Fiber Collector and about four years ago they purchased one to try.  This customer has the MOD 3 Fiber unit on a grinder using oil as a coolant running 2 shifts 6 days a week.  This customer was so happy with the unit and its filter life where they have yet to change filters after four years and currently have 12 of the MOD 3 Fiber units.  Please see unit application photo on the AER Control Systems Facebook page.

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