From modest beginnings to a multi-national footprint, AER Control Systems has hit a new milestone of 20 years in business.

We attribute our continued success and growth to adhering to our core values of:

  • always listening to our customers and sales reps,
  • adapting to the changing needs of our customers’ industries,
  • keeping abreast of the evolving technologies,
  • and staying on top (and at times ahead) of federal health & safety regulations.

AER has helped to define standards in the industrial air filtration space.

The AER Portable Fume Booth was designed to filter fumes and VOCs from spray paint cans. Additionally, we’ve been able to supply the portable fume booth to reduce VOC odors as well.

Prior to the release of the AER Wet Table it was not uncommon for industrial operators to utilize a dry dust collector with explosion vents and mount them outdoors. Alternatively, some operators would use a ducted wet collector and run the ductwork to a downdraft table. AER Control Systems was able to remove the ductwork and build the table as part of the wet dust collector unit – allowing AER customers to use their wet dust collector indoors and not blow heated shop air outdoors. Thus, reducing the overall waste and costs associated with this process.

Per the evolving regulations and standards set by OSHA, AER was able to implement HEPA filtration into units so as to filter out Hexavalent Chromium for those burning or welding stainless steel.

Our unique experiences in designing for our clientele and sales reps allows us to innovate within the industrial air filtration market space – a feat that is not possible with many of the larger dust collector companies in the industry. As such, AER has proudly designed and built 13 new units to meet our customer’s specialized needs.


Does your company have specialized air filtration needs that may require assistance in designing and/or building to your specifications?

Meet Rob, our applications engineer. He’s ready to discuss your needs for industrial air filtration.