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1. Are all the brands the same?

If you have a brand that says Aercology, Donaldson, or AER Control Systems then all the parts, filters, motors are identical.  All of the suppliers are the same source.  The color and model numbers are different, but that is all.

2. How long should my filters last before they need to be changed?

That question is always difficult to answer as the life of the filters depend upon how dirty your coolant is, the volume of mist you are capturing, and the type of machining process.  If you are grinding or machining cast iron versus cutting then your filters will need to be changed more often because you are probably collecting very fine metal particulate along with the coolant.  If you are running the mist collector only an hour or two versus 24 hours day then during the shorter running time, the filters will last longer.  A typical rule of thumb on the Centrifugal Mist Collector filters is 3 to 6 months.

3. I see that the drum houses two filters a thin one (Throwaway) and a thick one (1st Stage), do I need to change both of these filters?

No the design of these two filters is the thin filter or throwaway will see more dirt than the thick or 1st stage one so it will need to be changed more often.  We sell the 1st stage filter six at a time called a 6-pack for this reason.  If you change the throwaway often in theory you should not have to change the primary.

4. How can I tell if the filters are dirty or need to be changed, can I place a gage across the filters to measure the pressure drop?

You really can’t put a gage across the main filters because the drum that houses the filters also is part of the fan, so it would be the same thing as measuring pressure drop across the fan, you wouldn’t be measuring the filters just the fan.  The only true method of determining if you have to change the throwaway is to visually look at the filter and hold it up to the light, if it is more than 50% blocked with dirt then it needs to be thrown away.  You might need to look at the throwaway filter one month at a time until you know how long this filter will last.  I would recommend keeping a record on each unit.

5. I have had my centrifugal mist collector for a while and at first it ran smooth and quiet, but after a few months it is noisy and it vibrates, why is this happening?

The centrifugal mist collector has a drum which houses the filters and the fan, the drum spins at 3450 RPM, AER Control Systems balances each and every drum so that no vibration occurs when we ship a new unit.  If the inside of the drum or filters see a large amount of in-balance or weight such as a large amount of dirt, metal, or the gel in water soluble coolant then these are just a few things that will cause the drum to start to vibrate.  If you catch this early then we have options or solutions to prevent this, please contact AER Control Systems.  If you don’t catch this early the vibrating drum will cause damage to the bearings in the motor, either the bearings will need to be changed or you will need a new motor, please contact AER Filter Sales for the motor replacement.

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