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AER Hazdust Wet Downdraft Tables

AER HazDust


Efficient and cost-effective control
of moderate to heavy concentrations
of metal dust contaminants.

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Industrial Filtration Units

Industrial filtration units and media

to protect your operation
from the inside out.

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Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables and Booths

A wide variety of units to keep your
workplace safe and efficient.

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We design, manufacture, and distribute industrial air filtration units to protect your equipment, health, and workplace. Request a quote.

Oil Smoke & Weld Fumes

Applications that cut down on smoke and weld fumes produced by welding and metalwork

Mist Applications

Applications used for collecting oil and water soluble coolant mist produced by machinery and processes

Grinding & Buffing

AER Control applications for grinding and buffing equipment, common solutions include Downdraft Tables

Odor Vapor & Fumes

Applications used for collecting and mitigating odors & fumes produced by machinery, spray paint cans, and solvent

Dust Applications

AER Applications for collecting dust particles produced by machinery and other dust producing materials

Flammable Metals

Applications that help to keep your workforce safe when dealing with flammable metals such as aluminum, titanium, or magnesium